Is YouTube your focus in 2021?

Sanjana Murali
1 min readMar 13, 2021
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If YouTube is your focus in 2021, then do these two things right.

- Upload videos that are more than 10 minutes in length

YouTube favors long-form videos because their only goal is to retain viewers inside their platform for a longer time. That’s how they do business.

The longer you are on their platform, the more ads you see, the more revenue they generate. So always focus on uploading long-form videos.

- It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have. Focus on increasing the watch percentage of your videos

Make your videos interesting or entertaining to watch. If you have 5 to 6 video snippets taken from a single video, then upload them in the form of playlists.

So when the viewer is done watching the first video snippet, the next video plays in the loop. That’s how you make your viewers stay on your channel for a longer time, which in turn, increases the watch percentage.

If you do these two right, you will for sure see success with your YouTube videos.

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